Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces

Adding an outdoor fireplace will permit you to add or expand the living space that you have in your home. A space that can even be used in inclement weather. One of the preferred ways to extend that living space is to build your outdoor fireplace under a veranda or covered patio. Whatever you chose to call it, an outdoor fireplace in a covered outdoor space will make a delightful addition to your home. Here in the Seattle area, we obtain quite a bit of rainy weather. Having a roof overhead will extend the amount of time that you can appreciate your outdoor space. In fact, this is one of my favorite times to enjoy my outdoor fireplace. Who could resist spending time sitting there by a beautiful outdoor fireplace with the sent and warmth of the fire flickering on your face? Outdoor fireplace By adding some furniture and other accessories you can develop the ideal outdoor living space where you can entertain your family and friends, or maybe it can be just your unique place to get away from it all. There are many extraordinary materials that you can assemble an outdoor fireplace out of. From small brick masonry units to larger stone masonry ones. One thing is legitimate about them all. An outdoor fireplace will establish the boundaries of your outdoor living space. Outdoor fireplaces are typically built out of brick or stone masonry. The reason for this is that it holds up and withstands the elements quite well. They can either be built with a solid core of concrete block and then veneered over with brick or stone, or they can be built with individual field stones. This will involve the skill of a qualified stone mason and is by far the most weather resistant way to constitute a beautiful stone masonry outdoor fireplace. Sometimes an outdoor fireplace will establish a broader landscaping scheme. It may be tied into a stone garden wall or on the side of a charming pool of water. The garden wall may dampen the wind or just flow through the garden as it divides one area from another. The elements of fire, air, water, and stone are a natural palette that a stone mason can work with to establish a harmonious living natural outdoor space with boundless windows. However you decide to build or design your outdoor fireplace it can bring back a primal connection to our shared ancestral beginnings.

Choosing the right place to build your outdoor fireplace can take some special consideration. You will want to locate your outdoor fireplace safely away from overhanging tree limbs, roof eaves, and power lines. It's most agreeable to be at least 25 feet away from any branches so that the heat from the outdoor fireplace won't damage them. You can't control the weather but its a constructive idea to face the fireplace in the direction of the prevailing wind. This will help send the smoke up and out the top of your outdoor fireplace and away from you. There are a few ethical rules that will help. A tall chimney will draw better then a short one, and placing a wind vain on top of the fireplace will help prevent downdrafts. Last but not least, your chimney flue must be at least 15% of the size of the firebox opening. If you are using gas to burn in your outdoor fireplace, you can power it with either natural gas piped in from your house, or from a nearby propane tank. An outdoor fireplace powered by natural gas or propane can be enjoyed year round just like a wood burning fireplace. The only difference is that if you are not going to be using the outdoor gas fireplace it would be best to turn off the gas from the source for the season. Just like you do when you put away the gas grill. If an outdoor fireplace is in your future please take a moment and view our gorgeous gallery of pictures, you can click on any one of them for a close-up view and see the workmanship in them. Who can resist a beautiful outdoor fireplace?

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