Masonry Contractor

Masonry Contractor

The term masonry contractor can cover many aspects of the construction business. It can mean anything from the concrete footings that hold up your house to the tile on the bathroom wall. We have been involved in the construction of hundreds of beautiful homes. Building a home with stone masonry on it can create the perfect combination of style and function, with a beauty that only stone masonry can give. Of all the materials that we work with as a masonry contractor, a stone is a perfect choice. Stone gives a sense of permanence that no other material can give. As I work with the stone I get a feeling of closeness to nature that few other materials can give. Many of the materials that we work with, in construction are temporary, artificial, and unnatural. They are used for a short time and then they fade, chip, or warp and look cheap. A case in point is when a builder installs wood shakes on the front of a home where you would normally place a brick or stone veneer. Yes, it saved some money, but it looks cheap and ugly. Whereas, that same home with a stone veneer would have a sense of balance and beauty that would last for many years. Not only will it command a higher resale down the line, but you will also have the enjoyment of living in that beautiful home. Stone masonry construction is a great way to remodel your home. We have remodeled older homes with stone and brick masonry veneers for over 25 years. The other day, I had built a stone fireplace for a customer some 20 years earlier, it took me a moment to remember because a lot of the surrounding area had changed, but the one thing that had not changed was that beautiful stone fireplace was as beautiful as the day that we had built it. Being able to see your craft and work like that makes me glad to be a masonry contractor.

masonry contractor

Quite a few homes have brick masonry veneers or brick fireplaces in them. Some of the calls that we receive are asking us about the repair, maintenance, and remodeling of brick masonry.  Brick can easily take on a timeless look lasting for many years with a little maintenance and care. Have you ever wondered why some brick masonry looks so much better than the other brick down the street? The main reason that the brick looks good, is that it has been maintained. As a masonry contractor, we are asked to repair brick that has not been maintained quite often. Before we get off the subject of maintenance, just how much work and cost are there to keep up brick masonry? Here is the good news, very little! All you need to do is power wash it once a year to keep it clean and place a good quality sealer on the horizontal surfaces about every five years or so. I compare maintaining your brick masonry much like how you keep up your car every so often you have the oil change, making that car last longer. One of the most overlooked areas of brick maintenance is the fireplace chimney. This is especially true of the top of the chimney, the part that is above the roof line. I guess out of sight out of mind, but this is the one area of your brick masonry that you will want to check every year. Its subject to more weather than any other part of your home. If you have damage to your brick chimney, make sure to have a qualified masonry contractor repair the damage as soon as you see it. The sooner that the damage is fixed the less it will cost to repair.

Building retaining walls, stone patios, steps, and garden paths are just some of the other masonry projects that we offer to our customers. As a masonry contractor, we believe that masonry products cannot only add style and interest to your home but also an inherent sense of oneness with nature. What other material blends in with the beauty of nature that we see? By choosing to place a beautiful stone retaining wall in your garden area, you bring a sense of permanency and beauty to the garden. Adding a set of stone steps can give you expanded access to the upper area of your garden terraces, as well as adding style, interest, and function. One of the most popular ways to enjoy our homes is to add a stunning outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen that can give you the endless hour of comfort and relaxation. Think how good a whole made pizza would taste out of your own wood-fired pizza oven, or maybe some fresh bread. If you have thought about being able to enjoy time with your friends and family without the cost and hassle of travel, then think about a pleasant summer night relaxing by the glow of the fire. We have built this kind of masonry project for over 25 years, and as your masonry construction contractor, we would be happy to give you some great Idea's to start the dream.

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