Glass Block

Glass Block

There is a mystique for many architects, interior designers, and homeowners about the design and installation of glass block. To create a beautiful glass block wall you have to be part glass setter and part block mason. As a glass block contractor, we find that glass block is rugged enough to construct a massive exterior wall that keeps out the weather and yet lets in the rays of the sunlight. There are a number of designs and type of glass block that you can use to beautify your home, bathroom, shower, or entrance way. Glass block comes in several sizes and shapes, so the decorative glass block wall that you want is limited only by your imagination and desire. Of all the building materials that we use in our homes, glass block is by far one of the most beautiful, stylish and versatile materials that we have. Glass block walls and windows can be built in any shape from straight to curved. They can be run under a countertop or over a low wall. Or maybe next to a front entrance door and in the bathroom window wall. One of the most popular ways of using glass block is to create the shower wall with them. This gives you the feeling of openness and space even in the smallest of bathrooms.

Glass block

Straight glass block walls are the easiest to build. Curved or radius walls are a little bit harder, yet they are excellent to use as curved wall. In fact, they will save you money vs. many other types of glass wall systems. This is especially accurate with the newer type of glass block that comes in an angle or unique shapes. If you want to add an extra flare to your glass block design then you might think about a step-down design. This can be done with an end curved glass block. Starting from the top row and stepping the wall down in 8" increments at a time, you can create a beautiful stairway design look. There is a new glass block called the Tridron that comes from Pittsburgh, they allow you to create a glass block column and light it for extra effect. All of these design and styles are only limited by your own imagination. In some cases a simple glass block wall might look the very best, letting in the most light without getting too cluttered. Figure out what style, design, and pattern of glass block that would look best in your home. There are many new styles of glass block on the market nowadays. From a distinct colorless cube of glass to a vivid colored glass block. There are many artistically designed glass murals and patterns, with beveled edges and rounded tops. To develop a sense of privacy there are fibrous inserts available in the glass block, as well as privacy patterns.

Knowing what you want in a glass block project is the first step to take. Consider any special needs that you might have or privacy requirements. Know what you are looking for and don't be afraid to call or search for an expert in the field of installing glass block. Few masons nowadays have the skills to install glass block. The skill to install glass block involves a combination of masonry, carpentry, glazing, and grouting expertise. As a masonry contractor for over 25 years, we have specialized in creating beautiful glass block systems, for the home and office. If you have been planing a glass block window, shower or wall, let us provide you with the very best quality and workmanship. Always at an affordable price. Glass block can truly enhance the beauty and value of your home, as well as add safety and privacy to many areas of your home.

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