Fireplace Remodel & Repair

Fireplace Remodel and Repair

The glow of a crackling fire and the fragrance of the burning wood brings a feeling of warmth and hospitality into our homes. What more appealing scene could you think of on a frigid wintry night then to cozy up to a beautiful stone fireplace. As you feel the warmth of the fire on your face, all your senses come alive, as a lingering sweet scent of fire brings back memories of simpler times. Fire is a magical thing, and the mystery of fire has captivated us since the beginnings of human history. It's both hazardous and useful, all at the same time. Although a fireplace is no longer needed to survive, it still contributes to a sense of beauty and comfort into our lives and homes. More and more people are taking the time and money to add a fireplace or remodel an existing one. In the Seattle area, we lose our power quite a few times each year. Having a reliable working fireplace can establish quite a substantial difference in our ability to get through it. 

fireplace remodel and repair

Traditional wood-burning masonry fireplaces are found in thousands of homes. They can range from a simple brick fireplace to beautiful stone masonry fireplaces. A fireplace is part of the architecture of a home. It is not just a decoration. It may include a stone masonry chimney that will draw the eye upward through the roof trusses. Of course, the type of fireplace you select for your home should be influenced by the orientation of the room. Most fireplace types can be built into any particular style that will flatter your home. As an example, the fireplace style that goes the best with a Georgian colonial style home will have neoclassical details on a white mantelpiece. This is in contrast to a two-story family room in a western lodge style home, where a massive stone masonry chimney works well. In Seattle area, there are thousands of homes that have a typical standard northwestern style of brick masonry construction. For their time they fit in relatively well, but as time went by many of these masonry fireplaces have become outdated. Remodeling your masonry fireplace can bring it up to date and fashion it into any style that flatters your home, just as you would do in remodeling a kitchen. Your fireplace is one of the top amenities in your home. Don't underscore the value of it. A masonry fireplace is in high demand when buying and selling a home.

Whether you are building a new home or are remodeling an older one, a fireplace can play a vital roll in the comfort and overall beauty of your home. If you have an older masonry fireplace, they are approximately 10 to 15 percent efficient, while a newer masonry fireplace can be at least 55 to 60 percent efficient. The newer masonry fireplace has high efficient air-circulating fireboxes, with fresh air room vents, warmed air blowers and glass doors. The good news is that many of the old style masonry fireplaces can be brought right up to the same efficiency level as the newer ones. There are many new facing materials that can go right over the old brickwork. This can be done without even tearing out the old brick. A gas insert can be placed inside an older brick fireplace and bring efficient levels up to over 80 percent. We can not only beautify your fireplace, but it can be made to be efficient. Please visit our beautiful photo gallery to view samples of our workmanship and quality. Call us today for a free inspection of your fireplace, and ask about fireplace restoration and remodeling projects.

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