Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Fire pits have been used by mankind for thousands of years as a way to cook food, to stay warm, and as a place to just sit and enjoy the glow of the fire. While most of us no longer use a fire pit to cook on. There is, nevertheless, a deep-seated pleasure in being able to sit around a beautiful glowing fire as it illuminates the night, and casts the warmth of the fire over you. A fire pit can be enjoyed year-round. They are especially enjoyable on cool winter nights as a place to sit and think about the day's events, reminiscing a time of childhood memories, or roasting a marshmallow to a golden delicious morsel.We get to build quite a few fire pits in the greater Seattle area. They are especially popular on the East side around Bellevue, Kirkland, and Woodinville areas. But it might surprise you how many homes in Seattle have a beautiful fire pit to spend the evening reveling in the warmth of the fire. There are two main types of fire pits. The first is a wood burning fire pit. It’s the most cost-efficient and easiest to build. As with all wood-burning fires, there are some places that burning wood is unpractical. This is especially true when you have a limited area in which to build your fire pit, or if its to close to the house or property line. The other type of fire pit is a gas-fired fire pit. This type of fire pit is quite a bit more popular in that it can be used in many different situations.

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Gas-fired fire pits can be enjoyed in places that you cannot use wood-burning fire pits. Area's that your fire pits should be gas-fired are when the fire pit is located under a pergola or any other structure.Gas-fired fire pits are also popular on patios close up to the home, and in an area next to the pool, hot tubs and other areas where wood-burning would be unpractical. Gas fire pits can burn natural gas or propane. This can vary the price of installation with natural gas. You will need to run a gas line out from your house to the area that you want to place your fire pit. If that is in the middle of the patio, it will be wise to have the gas line in place before the patio is built. If your patio is already in place, there are several ways to provide gas lines to it. One way is to use propane instead of natural gas. Hiding the propane bottle close by. The main drawback to this is having to change out propane bottle when they run out. If you have natural gas for your fire pit, and your patio is in place already, thawe can cut a hole in the patio and bore under the patio to it. Fire pits convey unique things to different people, and however, you build your fire pit it will require you to be in touch with your primal ancestral connections. Like much other stone masonry project, a fire pit will give year-round enjoyment and boost your property values.

Fire pits can be said to be a lot like a nice campfire. No matter what fuel you are using, your fire pit will generate a lot of heat. One of the first rules is that children should never be left alone when a fire pit is in use. A good height for a fire pit should be about 2 feet high to keep smaller children from danger. I also recommend building your fire pit out of masonry. Even though a masonry fire pit can feel hot to the touch it will not give you a burn like a metal fire pit would. For this reason alone, your adolescent children are safer. Lightweight portable metal fire pit lacks the natural insulation of a masonry fire pit, and a metal fire pit can stay hot long after the fire goes out. One other thing you may want to think about when you are lighting your fire pit is, to use a propane lighting match or an electronic pilot lighter. Both can keep you from lighting your sleeve. If your gas fire pit is installed out in the open, it would be a splendid idea to cover it when it is not in use. Rain and snow can fill the fire pit and damage gas lines and burner. If you have been thinking about adding a fire pit to your home, please give us a call for a free in-home consultation. We can show you many charming ways to enjoy your fire pit.

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