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March 1, 2018
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March 1, 2018
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Fireplace and Bathlight

There are many ways to enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace. This has to be one of our favorite ways to not only enjoy a warm bath and firelight but also enjoy the beauty of Stone masonry in the bath. With a little planning, this type of fireplace and bath could be included in any new home construction, or if you are thinking about doing a remodeling project. Place a new gas fireplace in the bath area can be a part of your Homes remodeling project. The space that this stone wall and gas fireplace takes up can be much less then you might think. the new gas fireplaces can be less than a foot in depth and only 2 to 3 feet wide. While the stone masonry is a cultured stone that does not need any type of foundation under it. a Seattle-Masonry-Contractor This is one of the most impressive bath remodels for the money that I have seen.

One other way to enjoy the time that you spend in the bath is to be able to have a natural light come in through a beautiful Glass Block Window. These windows not only let in beautiful light from the outside, but they also maintain the privacy of your bath area. You will find there are quite a few designs and styles of Glass Block that you can choose from when you are planning the bathtub or shower areas of your home. For more information on glass block Seattle, Check out the service menu on the Tim W Masonry website.

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