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About Us

My first experience as a Mason came early in life. This is due mainly to the fact that my father was a Masonry Contractor. That year that I turned 17, dad decided it was time to start my Masonry apprenticeship. I had helped him many times in summers past and had a small working knowledge of Brick & Stone. But it soon became clear that I had a lot to learn from him. That first-day dad told me that he was starting a Stone Wall for a new customer, and we would be meeting with him to discuss the project. Dad felt that I should be their so I could hear what the client wanted to do. This was to be one of many lessons that my dad taught me about the masonry trade. Know what your customer is expecting from you and how you can offer it. Next stop that day was the local Stone Supplier, to pick out the Stone that the customer had chosen. Dad pulled out several pieces of the Stone and checked them for color, grain, and shape. The stone wall that we were building that day would be a Dry Stack Stone Wall, and dad knew just what he would need to build it and what it would look like when it was done. He had a saying and you might have heard it before goes something like this. You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still is going to be a pig. I think that this was his way of telling me to take the time to plan what you are doing and start with the material that will allow you to do the job right. WOW, what dad didn't tell me that day was who we were going to be working for. So I guess you know, here came surprise #1.

Even as a young man I knew Mr. Hope by sight, and knew just how famous he was. Dad and Mr. Hope sat down and went over the plans for installing the stone masonry, and I went out and unloaded the truck that held the tools that we would need for the day. Dad came out after a short time, and went over the job with me and just what he wanted me to do while he was doing the layout of the stone masonry. We had only been working about 2 hours before Mr. Hope came out and ask us if we would like to have something cold to drink? I thought that it was very nice of him to think of us that soon since we had only just started the project. Then came the second surprise of the day, when the drinks came out it was Mr. Hope himself, that was to bring them out to us, and very soon after, he told us several good jokes and left us with a big smile on our faces. He seemed to take a personal interest in us, and our stonework every time that he was around. I have thought back many times about that first day as my dad masons helper, and how nice Mr. Hope had been to us. Then one day some 20 years later I was watching a TV program about the life and times of Bob Hope, and that's when I got a 3 surprise about Mr. Hope. They told me that back in England, Bob Hope's father was a stone mason. All I can say is thanks for the memories!

Since that first day, many years have passed and I have become my dad. A Mason with a love of working the stone, the satisfaction of discovering each new stone while creating stone fireplaces, patios, pathways or a stone wall. No other material can rival the beauty and grace that stone brings to your home and landscape. Stonework continues to fascinate me. Its appeal transcends all national borders and educational backgrounds. A stone wall might be wanted by a housewife or a country farmer for vastly different reasons. One might think of it as a place to grow flowers, while the other might think of it as a place to hold a hillside. When building a stone wall, it can be planned for, outlined, or even diagrammed. The best work is seldom. It comes from an innate feeling that grows inside you, as you work and shape the stone. There is a flow or feel, to good stone masonry that you either you have, or you don't. Very often the Mason himself cannot tell you how he achieved it. Stone is the ultimate material, there is a pride in masons that drives us to stretch our skills.

TTim Wheeler Masonry Construction is locally owned and an operated business. We believe achieving quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is essential. With over 35 years of extraordinary services, we have been meeting the needs of the greater Seattle area with quality work at affordable prices. We specialize in custom masonry projects like stone masonry fireplaces, brick walls, wood-fired pizza ovens, stone paths, and walkways. To enhance your patio we can build you a beautiful outdoor fireplace and for your wine room a stone masonry wall that will give you a green thermal mass, for proper wine storage. Our masonry repairs are done with pride in workmanship and will make that old chimney look like new. We can do your masonry project large or small, just give us a call for your free estimate or chimney inspection today. We are located in the Dutch Hills area just outside the quaint town of Snohomish on the east side and serve the entire Seattle area.

Contact us or call (206) 714-8553 now for a free estimate, let us help you put your plans in motion. We guarantee complete satisfaction.

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