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Welcome to one of Seattle's best chimney repair and Masonry construction companies. We hope to offer you a fast and reliable way of finding access to the very best information on over 30 different masonry services, repair and sealant projects. Please see our list of services to the right, and you will receive information that is of interest to you. We are a full-service masonry company.

Tim Wheeler Seattle Masonry Construction and Chimney Repair, have been serving our customers in the greater Seattle metro area for over 25 years, with Seattle's best Brick and Stone Masonry. We are a locally owned and operated business. Our goal is to provide you with quality Masonry craftsmanship and superior service while maintaining affordable prices. Let us help you create that extraordinary value and beauty that only Masonry Construction can bring to your home. We specialize in beautiful Stone Masonry, Fireplace Remodeling, Chimney Repair, Chimney Liners, Brick Restoration. We also will provide you with the very best in Seattle landscape Masonry. Just picture that perfect Outdoor Fireplace or a beautiful Stone Pathway winding its way through your garden. Can you imagine tasting a delicious pizza made from your own wood-fired pizza oven? Or if you are a collector of fine wine let's talk about a beautiful stone wall for your wine cellar. If your masonry project is large or small, we will provide you with great masonry experience services that will meet your needs at a reasonable price.

We build green with Brick and Stone Masonry here in the Seattle area while providing you with personalized project management. Whether you are adding an Outdoor Kitchen, Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, Stone Wine Cellar, replacing a worn and weathered Fireplace or adding a beautiful decorative Patio, we invite you to browse our gallery and view our work. The results speak for themselves. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and will strive to provide you, our customer, with highest quality masonry workmanship at a fair price.There are many ways of improving the look of your home, let the team at Tim Wheeler Masonry in Seattle help with your project, home improvement, or Chimney Repair. If you are in need of a Brick or Stone Masonry Contractor for a Chimney Repair, Chimney liner, Masonry Restoration, Stucco Repair, Retaining Wall, Stone Walkway, Patio installation or any other Stone or Brick Repair, call the experts at Tim Wheeler Masonry Construction at (206) 714-8553 or fill out the contact form on our contact us page.

We look forward to working with you on your project large or small.

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Ask How To Receive Your Free Chimney Rain Cap? A $175. dollar value installed.
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